Hey there,
I'm Marko Manojlovic 👋

Welcome to my site! Here you will be able to learn more about me and my experience.
By day I'm a freelance software engineer. By night, I'm a passionate FIFA / NBA / PES video games player.

Things I've Made

Unleashed Client Ruby Gem

Unleashed is a powerful, integrated platform that allows businesses real-time visibility of accurate inventory information. Businesses of all sizes can reduce their costs and increase profits by precisely tracking data on stock.

I've developed a Ruby wrapper for their APIs.

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The Cookie Dining

The Cookie Dining is a commission-free online food ordering software for restaurants, with curbside pickup and contactless delivery options. It can be embedded on existing website or a Facebook page, it supports over 20 POS systems. Custom mobile apps - you betcha! Scannable QR code digital menus on tables - yes sir! Contactless in-person ordering - yep!


Savior is a roadside and medical assistance case management and service platform. Savior will save you from any unexpected vehicle or injury problems.
Currently available in South Africa.

Random Data API

Random Data API is a tool I built that helps developers generate random fake data and populate your application for easier development and testing. It supports REST and GraphQL.

DPO Payments South Africa Ruby Gem

The Paygate Ruby library provides convenient access to the PayGate PayWeb 3 API from applications written in the Ruby language.

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MangoLeads is a fast and easy lead generation for the B2B marketplace. You can search and qualify leads, find the right people to contact with an organization and customize what data you are interested in the most - in less than 30 seconds.

With MangoLeads, I've successfully graduated the first batch of Y Combinator startup school.


mobiMAPS was a leader in print advertising since 1997. I was brought in to digitalize their entire operations. Unfortunatelly, due to COVID-19, the company had to shut down operations in April 2020.

mobiMAPS was a multi-sided marketplace where end users could do so many exciting things, like ordering pizza or t-shirt for delivery, booking a tour, scheduling a spa massage, or booking a hotel room. At the same time, I built dashboards for businesses from where they could manage their listing and accept/reject purchases or booking requests in real-time, hotels could connect their PMS (property management system) and start showcasing their rooms and availability in real-time.

I also built an on-demand rides where you can order a ride directly from the mobile app. I've developed dispatching dashboard and driver facing mobile apps to accept new rides. This service was later extracted into Unicorn Cab (see below).

I've developed iOS and Android mobile apps to help businesses manage their mobiMAPS listing, confirm/reject online bookings & reservations and communicate with their guests via live chat.

Part of mobiMAPS offering, I've developed mobiCONCIERGE - a set of iOS and Android mobile apps for hotel staff from where they can manage guest room service and other requests.

Unicorn Cab

An on-demand ride hailing SAAS for South African market. Besides riders mobile apps for iOS and Android, we have drivers set of apps for both app stores, and a web dashboard for hotel managers to request rides for their guests.