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Tenant Management Platform | Part 1 - The Basics

About This Episode

Tenant Management SAAS - Setting up the project

I'm creating a tenant management software business from scratch, and I'm recording the entire journey on YouTube. 

This is the first series out of two I'm making, and the difference is in some of the tech choices I made. In this series, I'll be using Ruby on Rails + React (as a gem) + React Native for mobile apps. In the second series I'll be using Ruby on Rails as backend, React + Redux + GraphQL for front-end with the same React Native app. I'll use Bootstrap 4 for web app UI. 

This video is not meant to be a programming tutorial. Instead, I'll show my decision making, development and thought process when starting a new project. Besides development, I'll be designing a logo, registering a domain name, publishing both web and mobile apps and trying to find a first customer. 

I'm sorry for the annoying mouse clicking sound...