QR Code Generator

Building a QR code generator with Ruby, Sinatra and React. Postgres? Nope! MySQL? Nope! MongoDB? Nope! We will save data in a single JSON file! 😎

Part 1 - The basics

Generating the QR code and uploading the image file to Cloudinary

Part 2 - Adding Sinatra

Adding sinatra, created_at record and basic API endpoints

Part 3 - Adding React

I've added a Sinatra extension to enable Cross Domain Resource Sharing (CORS), and set local React project.

Part 4 - Generating Previews

I've added generating previews from our react app, so you can see your QR code is looking looking like.

Part 5 - Almost Done

I've added the form and notifications when you have the code generated.

Part 6 - Optimizing Stuff

I've optimized our backend and our front end, removed Cloudinary dependency and we're now storing our QR codes as base64 image.